Presenting Have A Go’s Second Annual ReCharge: LA’s Micromobility Showcase!

ReCharge 2019 Micromobility Showcase.jpg

An exciting e-wheel showcase!

Check out the latest and greatest in electric scooters, e-bikes, e-boards, and other kinds of electric rides from a variety of amazing manufacturers and even try out these amazing rides on our dedicated test track!


Global Mobility, Local Flavor


Our first Re/Charge was a blast!

We had booths from global brands like Bird, Lime, JUMP/Uber, and Micro Kickboard. We had semi-local companies like Boosted from San Francisco and Juiced Bikes from San Diego. And we had local bike shops like The Bike Shop in Santa Monica and Ebikezzz.

This made for an incredible showcase, where companies large and small brought all kinds of hardware to show off to the delight of our over 15,000 attendees!

And as the “& Roll” part of the Culver City Art Walk & Roll festival, everyone got to enjoy an amazing atmosphere including amazing artists, artisan vendors, live music, eclectic food trucks, wine and beer gardens, tastings, fun kid’s activities, and more!


A Designated Test Track


New to electric rides? Want to check out the latest and greatest in electric micromobility? Want an electric scooter of your own?

Come test ride all kinds of electric rides from electric scooters, to e-bikes, e-boards, e-skates from various brands and manufacturers on our dedicated test track and learn about what all the fuss is about.

These wheels are incredibly fun, let you skip traffic, help you get around town without breaking a sweat, get you to Metro stations, help you go green, and save you money on gas!


Last Year’s Participants

ReCharge 2018 Participants.jpg

Our participants last year were incredible:

Want To Join ReCharge?

If you’re interested in participating, email us for more info. We have a limited number of booth and sponsorship slots, so have your people email our people today!