Presenting LA CoMotion’s first ever ReCharge. Experience a whole new world of electric mobility!

An exciting e-wheel event in two parts:

  • Charge Up: Test out the latest electric scooters, e-bikes, e-boards on our test track.

  • ReCharge: Join the first ever electric group ride!

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Try out the latest electric scooters, e-bikes, e-boards, on our designated test track.

New to electric rides? Want to check out the latest and greatest in electric micromobility? Want an electric scooter of your own?

Come test ride all kinds of electric rides from electric scooters, to e-bikes, e-boards, e-skates, from various brands and manufacturers and learn about what all the fuss is about.

These wheels are incredibly fun, let you skip traffic, get you around town without breaking a sweat, get you to Metro stations, help you go green, and save you money on gas!


A fun electric group ride!

Bring your own e-scooter, e-bike, e-board or simply grab a Bird and join the first ever electric group ride!

Not long ago we used to complain: “It’s 2015, where’s my Hoverboard so I can glide around town?”

While anti-gravity has not yet been cracked, just 3 years later we have seen an explosion in electric rides!

So LA CoMotion and Have A Go have teamed up to put together a memorable e-wheel event: the first of its kind electric wheel group ride.

Whether you own an electric bike, e-scooter, e-board, e-unicycle, e-skates, or any kind of electric ride, or whether you use scooter sharing, we invite you to come a join fellow e-wheel enthusiasts for an amazingly fun group ride around Culver City!

Let’s ReCharge Culver City together!!

ReCharge Group Ride
Meet at 2:15 pm
Begin at 2:30 pm
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Why ReCharge?

Culver City has seen its share of parking and traffic issues. ReCharge aims to educate and excite folks about alternate mobility options and promote increased bike/scooter use to help minimize car use, help boost Metro and Culver City Bus use, all with the goals of helping with traffic reduction, parking alleviation, and creating a greener, friendlier, and healthier Culver City!